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Inauguration of new water reservoir in Talmaza village

The official inauguration of a new water reservoir with the capacity of 50 m.c. in Talmaza village water supply system took place On April 9, 2018.
More than 7,000 people have obtained better quality drinking water with a higher pressure as the result of the construction of the new water reservoir. The works were done in the frame of the project "Ecosystem-based adaptation, climate-resilience measures and institutional development in the Lower Dniester” project" due to the financial contribution of the Austrian Development Agency and Talmaza Mayoralty.

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Project ”Contribution to the wetland rehabilitation: pilot project for Dniester Old river bed”

The project ”Contribution to the wetland rehabilitation: pilot project for Dniester Old river bed”  is implemented by SE BIOTICA within the project Strengthening the institutional framework in the water and sanitation sector in the Republic of Moldova, project financed by The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and The Austrian Development Agency
On January 18, the final reception of works of waterlock cleaning and repairing at the OHC-1 pumping station located on the Talmaza territory and cleaning of a part of the channel linking the station and Dniester Old river bed, as well as the cleaning of a part of the the Dniester Old river bed near the bridge in the center of Talmaza village.

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We plant good things in Popeasca village, Stefan-Voda

A forest of over 15 hectares was planted with the help of over 200 volunteers and representatives of the Diplomatic Missions as well as the European Development Agencies in the Lower Dniester Ramsar Area in the village of Popeasca.

Despite the first snowfall, many ambassadors and development counselors enjoyed planting trees near Popeasca village and walking along the river near Cioburciu at the invitation of Mrs. Christine Freilinger, Ambassador of Austria in Moldova. At the event took part also HE Mr. Peter Michalko, Head of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, as well as Ambassadors and Representatives of Development Agencies from the EU countries to the Republic of Moldova
The intention was to raise awareness for the rich biodiversity of the region and to encourage further engagement for the preservation of the beautiful environment.
The planting event was organized by S.E. BIOTICA, A.O. EcoContact and A.O. Parks of the Future in the framework of the project " Ecosystem-based adaptation, climate-resilience measures and institutional development in the Lower Dniester"". The project is implemented with the financial support of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) from the Austrian Development and Cooperation Program Fund.
On Saturday the last 4 ha and over 20 thousand trees and shrubs were planted, and in total this autumn over 64,000 trees and shrubs of different species were planted in Popeasca village in order to protect the soil, flora and fauna of the Lower Dniester Ramsar Site, but also to contribute to the creation of the ecological network at local level, in connection with the national and pan-European network on the Dniester River.
More than a planting activity, it was an open lesson about humanity, collaboration, solidarity and democracy – a prove that big problems can be solved with small efforts, if done together. It was an occasion for all the invited to learn more about the ecological, historical, geographical, and soon-to-be touristic value of the Area, and to contribute with their own efforts to make this value even bigger. It was a tribute to the late ES BIOTICA President, Mr. Alexei Andreev, and also a promise that his great idea of creating the Lower Dniester National Park, has started to take roots!
Starting with 2012, the BIOTICA Ecological Society, with the kind support of the Austrian Development Agency, has carried out many important activities in the Lower Dniester Ramsar Site - a valuable area comprising natural and transformed habitats of the Dniester meadow where there are many species of plants and animals, including rare ones. In the near future, more than fifteen hectares of protection forests will be planted in the 13 localities on the right bank and 5 localities on the left bank of the Dniester River, within the Lower Dniester Ramsar Zone.

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"Ecosystem-based adaptation, climate-resilience measures and institutional development in the Lower Dniester” project

ES BIOTICA in partnership with NGO EcoContact started in December 2017 the project is financed by Austrian Development Agency that will be implemented in the period 1 December 2017-30 November 2021.

Project Impact: To contribute to the implementation of Moldova’s Strategy on Biological Diversity and Climate Change Adaptation Strategy through reducing the pressure on biodiversity in the Lower Dniester area.

Project Outcome: The long-term functionality of the Lower Dniester Ramsar Site is secured through improved conditions for its protection, enhanced ecosystem services and climate resilient livelihoods of the population.

Output 1. Implemented climate adaptation measures for water supply systems in villages from the LDRS, ensuring equal and affordable access to water for women, men and social vulnerable groups.

 Output 3. Developed capacities of local communities from target area of the Lower Dniester for climate adaptation, nature conservation and management.

Output 4. Improved management of the Lower Dniester Ramsar Site through cost-based evaluation, biodiversity conservation and climate adaptation measures

Output 5. Selected areas of the LDRS are rehabilitated through forestation on both river banks. Ecosystem services and climate mitigation are enhanced.

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Project “Awareness raising of population aiming to the strengthening of the management of Lower Dniester Ramsar Site”

This project is financed in the frame of the GEF Small Grant Programmes implemented by UNDP and ended in May 2018. The project intended to strengthen the local potential and to promote the involvement of the local communities in the management of the Lower Dniester protected area. The objectives is contribution to the conservation of the local landscape through forestation and touristic route arrangement and increasing of the awareness raising of the local population aiming to a better management of the Ramsar Site.
The project area is the protected area Lower Dniester Ramsar Site. The Lower Dniester Ramsar Site is a valuable area from the point of view of biological diversity, that is why it was recognized as Ramsar site (1316) and later it was included in the Fund of the natural areas protected by State. Some national Strategies, including the National Strategy on biological diversity of the Republic of Moldova for 2015-2020 provides that in the region of Lower Dniester a national park should be created. In line with the legislation BIOTICA ES developed the draft management plan for the Ramsar Site that was put under discussion in the region and later was approved by the Order of the Minister of Environment No. 93 of 01.12.2014.  The project intends to edit the management plan and to distribute it among the representatives of the local public authorities, local leaders and other interested parsons responsible for it implementation in the region.
Among the results of the project are: approx. 8 hectares of forest planted to protect agricultural fields and water basins from Popeasca and Talmaza; two pedestrian and bicycle touristic routs with a length of approx. 15 km marked in territorial limits of 3 localities, providing the possibilities of biomass using for heating of social objects in Popeasca village, editing and distribution of the management plan among the representatives of the local public authorities, local leaders and other interested parties; editing and distribution of information materials among local population about the necessity of the strengthening  of Lower Dniester Ramsar Site management.




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